Darniesha Beach

Our featured artist of January 2018 is our dearest friend and amazing visual artist, Darniesha Beach. Darniesha, or Dar, as she is known to many, is from Prince George's County, MD. She is an painter, mixed media artist, and sketch artist. She loves to work with various mediums while exploring the female figure and everyday life in her works. 


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Darniesha's work can be purchased directly through her personal webpage, or here, on the Blartsy site. Click the image to the left to access Darniesha's Blartsy Shop. 100% of funds are shared with the artist. We only serve as the platform. 



a chat with the artist

Q: You're so talented in so many mediums. Why do you like oil painting the most?

A: It’s just so much easier to manipulate. The pigments of the colors are more vibrant and you can just do so much more with oil paint than any other medium, I feel. The drying time is a pain though...

Q: How did you begin your journey?

A: I’ve always very much enjoyed art. I’d always considered myself more of a writer for some reason. Maybe it was because of my love for film and literature. When I started undergrad, I started to seriously pursue art as a “journey." I changed my major to Fine Arts and I haven’t turned back since.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A:  My peers. Fellow artists. Everything. I feel we millennials are so privileged and so lucky to be alive in this time where everyone around us is creating something or trying to make names for themselves and the “working” world is constantly evolving in such an inspiring way that it’s hard not to be inspired all of the time. I️ will always love history and find inspiration among great artists that have passed, the ones you read about in art history classrooms, but I truly appreciate our generation so much for our innovation.





Check back here to see Darniesha's upcoming events! In the meantime, check out her site here.