Amber Young

It's our favorite month of the year - February! Our featured artist of February 2018 is mixed media artist, Amber Young. Amber is a jewelry maker, writer, and filmmaker. Learn more about her here.  


I was born and raised in DC, when it was truly Chocolate City. I grew up in a black neighborhood, in a blackity black household. This upbringing informed and inspired my art. That along with going to an HBCU (Norfolk State) made me more committed than ever to make art that reflected my cultural experience. I'm inspired by many things, from traditional African art, to old school artists, to contemporary black movements. I consider my brand, Wood You Wear to be the ultimate way to express your blackness. My hand painted wood pins are truly one of a kind. I like the versatility of them. In addition to my wood business I am also a filmmaker, writer, photographer, and videographer. Creativity is my number one passion. My favorite quote is "I make no separation between my work as an artist and my work as a human being" by Paul Robeson. 

Hand painted wood pins

Hand painted wood pins

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Amber's work can be purchased directly through her Etsy page. Follow her on Instagram @woodyouwear for all newly released works for purchase. 



a chat with the artist

Q: You're talented in so many mediums. Why do you like painting on wood the most?

A: I like painting on wood the most because it's a natural surface. There is something that feels so pure about painting on a medium straight from nature.

Q: Where do you source your material and manufacture the wood cutting into the desired shape?

A: I source my wood from whole sale retailers as well a few custom wood cutters I work with very closely. Many of my unique shapes are custom made. 

Q: How did you begin your journey?

A:  I began my journey two years after graduating undergrad. Originally I made jewelry for myself, because I always liked the way it looked, but it was hard to find wood pieces. When I started making my own jewelry I got lots of compliments and people would ask me where to purchase. Thats how Wood You Wear was born. I knew that I wanted to work for myself, and more importantly work authentically. Managing my own art business is the perfect way to do that. 





Amber is vending in the DC area at the following upcoming events: